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Sterndrive Replacement’s Arco-30460 inboard starters are among the top ones you can find in the MerCruiser, Cobra, Yamaha and Volvo-Penta aftermarket. Shipped overnight and delivered within one business week straight to your door as a proof of our reliability.

Proud of what we do, we constantly aim for the best service affordable in the industry at no additional cost for you. On top of it all, you get a free 1 year warranty. Please note: this inboard starter comes in a clockwise rotation. Please view the chart below for a full list of compatible models. Please verify you are ordering correct rotation starter for your boat as we will not accept returns on starters that have already been installed.

For any concern, question or if you’d like to place an order for a MerCruiser, Cobra, Yamaha or Volvo-Penta compatible Arco-30460 inboard starter, please contact us. If you’d like to leave feedback, visit our Facebook page!

OEM=9000763, 9000820, 9000822, CW Rotating motors with one long and one short bolt straight across pattern: 30118, 30119, 30124.
This Starter will also replace older CW Rotating 10MT starters.
Includes Mounting Bolts & Gasket.

Permanent magnet.
CW rotation.
Gear reduction starter.
12 3/4 flywheel.

Straight Mounting Flange, Replaces OE Units with 11 Tooth Drives.
Application: Mercruiser, Mercury Marine & Kiekhaefer on Marine Applications.
Alternatives: Automotive Version: # 410-12161.
Substitutes: J&N 410-12161
Delco 9000895
Wilson 91-01-4387
Reference Numbers:
JANNCO 410-12163R
Mercury Marine 3854750, 3855882, 3856003, 50-806963A4, 50-806965A2, 50-812429A2
Delco 9000763, 9000820, 9000895
Volvo 3854750-1, 3856003-3
OMC Outboard Marine 3850526, 3858463, 988217
J&N 410-12161

OEM=Original Equipment Manufacturer