Lower Unit

Sterndrive Mercruiser - Alpha One Gen I - Lower Unit SEI-106 - Lower Unit - SEI-90-106-02

Lower Unit - SEI-90-106-02 - Manufacturer
Mercruiser sterndrives alpha one generation I Lower Unit counter rotation Will 1973 to 1990 and standard rotation


We have a selection of standard rotation and counter rotation lower Unit (Mercruiser sterndrives alpha one generation I Lower Unit) sterndrive that will certainly meet your expectation; a high quality products at an unbeatable price. In the American market, we are the marine reference. We have the expertise the find you any product at the lowest price possible.

SEI-90-108-02 Replaces lower unit counter rotation alpha one generation I.
SEI-90-106-02 Replaces lower unit standard rotion.

To replace a counter rotation units use only counter rotatio. Do not use standard rotation on a counter rotation.

This is a replacement lower unit for a Mercruiser sterndrive alpha one generation I.
You will Have No Warranty if you have more than 300 HP.