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Privacy Policy

At Sterndrive Replacement our first priority is to ensure that our customer’s privacy is protected.  All information collected through our website will be used exclusively by Sterndrive Replacement and will not be shared with any other company.  Our customer trust is important to us.
Who Has Access To Your Information?
Sterndrive Replacement and its affiliates do not share information which is obtained through our website. We never rent or sell information to other companies or telemarketers. General information gathered as a way to improve the quality of our website may be shared however no one who uses our website or purchases from us is ever identified.
Personal information given by you the customer for billing purposes:
• Company Name
• Contact Name
• Address
• Phone and Fax Number
• Credit Card Information
All such information is used only within our company Sterndrive Replacement and you can be assured that our website is totally secure and cannot be accessed by third parties.
Top is an affiliate of Sterndrive Replacement and the information shared is also treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.
Sterndrive Replacement does not promote the use of our website to anyone under the age of 13.
Sterndrive Replacement invites all visitors to browse our website without the necessity of filling in personal information however there may be information you need from our website that is only accessible by registering some personal information. (All of which is kept totally confidential)  In the event of the need to register information for online dealer pricing, you will be asked to create your own personal password that only you will have access to, and at this time you will be able to update information about your company and change credit card information when necessary. You may still place orders with Sterndrive Replacement directly from our website without providing this information.
The information you provide is used strictly by authorized employees of Sterndrive Replacement for the purpose of completing your orders.  Some of the information is used in a general capacity to improve our advertising and to help create a website that will serve you better. Our client’s names or any other personal information is never used for these improvements.


As a user of our website we need to tell you that cookies are stored on your hard drive.  This means that with the storage of cookies, personal information you have provided are stored but will not identify you; such data is secured behind our firewall.  The firewall protects you from any third parties as well as Sterndrive Replacement being able to see your activity on the internet (ex: visits to other websites).


Be assured, we do not share, rent or sell information to any company not affiliated with Sterndrive Replacement.  Information that is shared is done so strictly with companies affiliated with Sterndrive Replacement, however such procedures never include personal information provided by customers.
Sterndrive Replacement and companies affiliated with it may make exceptions to this rule if required to by court order, subpoena or other.  Sterndrive Replacement may need to provide information in the event of a lawsuit where credibility of our website and company needs to be protected. Sterndrive Replacement will provide information for investigations into fraudulent transactions, unlawful terms of use or where there is a physical threat to any person.


Sterndrive Replacement guarantees its customers the use of its secure website for the best protection possible on the internet.  Whether making a purchase or simply editing your personal information you are well protected.
At certain times Sterndrive Replacement reserves the right to send you pertinent information from our administration. You may not be able to opt out of receiving such information however you just need to delete the messages that do not concern you.
Privacy Policy Changes
Changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on our website. If at any time Sterndrive Replacement must use personal information, you will be notified and we will proceed in the manner explained in the above section.
Contacting Sterndrive Replacement
If you have any questions concerning our secure website you may feel free to contact us via email at:[email protected] or calling us at 954-271-7183.  We will be happy to address any issue that concerns you.