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Mercruiser Generation 2

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The Mercruiser generation 2 trim cylinders are made to last through salt-water corrosion. They are able to lift your boat engine off the water reliably in order to preserve its momentum when the craft is cruising at a good speed.

Sterndrive Replacement’s Mercruiser generation II trim cylinders are professionally built from the ground-up. Made to fit any Mercruiser generation 2 sterndrives, not only are you getting the best parts available on a Mercruiser generation II trim cylinder on the aftermarket but we’re offering them at an impossible-to-beat price. Coupled with our outstanding service, you are on a one-way-ticket to the hottest stuff on the MerCruiser Generation 2 aftermarket.

Feel free to check us out on Facebook. To place an order, simply call 954-271-7183 or send us an e-mail.

  • Port


    $USD 159.00 SEI-9B-116-02
  • Starboard


    $USD 159.00 SEI-9B-116-01