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Sterndrive Replacement proudly sells Mercruiser alpha one generation I compatible sterndrive gears. We guarantee they are 100% OEM compliant to the Mercruiser alpha one design. All of our gears are also interchangeable with other MerCruiser gear sets. We carry Clutch dogs as well as various assorted ratios including 1.47, 1.62, 1.81 and 1.94. We also have lower gear sets in stock for your convenience.

Following our long standing tradition of reliability and professionalism, we’re going to ship your Mercruiser alpha one gear set overnight and aim for a business week delivery date.

To place an order on Mercruiser alpha one generation I gear set, please contact us by phone at 954-271-7183 or by e-mail. To leave feedback on your experience with Sterndrive Replacement, please visit our Facebook page.

  • Clutch Dog

    Clutch Dog

    $USD 155.05 SEI-91-102-06
  • lower gear Set OE# 43-878087 A4

    lower gear Set OE# 43-878087 A4

    $USD 435.00 SEI-91-104-03K
  • Set 1.47 Ratio

    Set 1.47 Ratio

    $USD 339.00 SEI-91-104-01DK
  • Set 1.62 Ratio

    Set 1.62 Ratio

    $USD 250.65 SEI-91-104-01CK
  • Set 1.81 Ratio

    Set 1.81 Ratio

    $USD 229.00 SEI-91-104-01BK
  • Set 1.94 Ratio

    Set 1.94 Ratio

    $USD 232.05 SEI-91-104-01AK