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U-Joint & Yoke

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Sterndrive replacement sells universal joints (U-Joints) and yokes. We have long yokes, short yokes, H-shaped yokes, heavy duty U-joints, old style long yokes and pre-assembled U-joints for Mercruiser alpha one generation I.

Sterndrive replacement’s innovative business model, coupled with our renowned reliability, allows us to process your order overnight and ship any Mercruiser alpha one generation I product within one business week, thanks to our inventory virtualization.

To order a set of Mercruiser alpha one generation I U-joint or yoke, please dial 954-271-7183 or drop us a line by e-mail. If you’d like to leave feedback on your purchase, please do not hesitate to leave it on our Facebook page.

  • H-Yoke


    $USD 49.00 SEI-92-102-06C
  • Heavy Duty U-Joint

    Heavy Duty U-Joint

    $USD 79.00 SEI-92-102-06E
  • Long Yoke

    Long Yoke

    $USD 99.00 SEI-92-102-06A
  • Old Style Long Yoke

    Old Style Long Yoke

    $USD 99.00 SEI-92-102-06F
  • Short Yoke

    Short Yoke

    $USD 69.00 SEI-92-102-06B
  • U-joint Assembly

    U-joint Assembly

    $USD 299.00 SEI-92-102-06K