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Hydraulics - Inboard Trim Motor - Yamaha

$USD 325.95

Trim and Tilt Motor Replaces Yamaha 69J-43880-01

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Product Description

Sterndrive Replacement has Yamaha trim motors for sale for less than the average value in the American market while still maintaining the same top-quality standards you’d expect from Yamaha aftermarket parts. This kit comes with 3 bolts and 2 connection wires. Constantly striving to innovate and improve, we do not sell rebuilt parts despite our low prices. Sterndrive Replacement has left its mark in the e-business world with at a complementary1 year coverage warranty, With our overnight shipment schedule and one week delivery time, we proudly are your partner for your boating season.

Heavy Duty Yamaha Tilt Trim Motor
2002 to 2009  4 Stroke
200HP, 225HP, 250HP

2002 to 2009 2 Stroke
200Hp, 300HP

2 wire Connection 3 bolt

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 lbs