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Mercury Motor

Hydraulics - Outboard Trim Pumps - Mercury Motor

$USD 199.00

Mercury Motor Tilt trim motor for Late model Mercury

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Product Description

We are carrying a stock of Mercury-compatible Arco-6250 Trim/tilt motor for less than the street-value on the American Trim/tilt motor aftermarket while still maintaining the same high-quality standards you’d expect from Mercury aftermarket parts.

Continuously striving to innovate and improve, we do not sell rebuilt Mercury parts despite our low prices. This Arco-6250 also includes a 2-wire connection, a 2 bolt mount, an O-ring, a flast-blade shaft and bullet connector terminal ends. All of our Trim/tilt motor come with a complementary 1 year coverage warranty. With our overnight shipment schedule and one week delivery time, we proudly are your partner for this boating season. For a full list of compatible models, please view the list below.

To place an order on a brand new Trim/tilt motor, please dial 954-271-7183 or send us an e-mail. Leave feedback with your purchase on our Facebook page.

Mercury Outboard Model & Year:
•Tilt trim motor for Late model Mercury
•135, 150 XR6, Magnum III 175, 200, 225, 250 HP, 105-140 HP Jet
•Replaces: Mercury 828708
•Flat-blade shaft (will NOT replace an early-model Mercury cartridge pump motor – use: ARC 6278)UPC: 693006003047

Replacement Models
•105 JET, 1995, 1996-UP
•115 HP 2.5 L DFI, 1999-UP
•135 HP V6, 1992-UP, 996-UP
•135 HP 2.5 DFI, 1998-1999, 1999-UP
•135 HP V6 2.5 DFI, 2000-UP
•140 HP V6, 2001-UP
•140 JET, 1996-UP
•135-150 HP 4 STROKE
•150 HP V6, 1990-UP
•150 HP V6/150 EFI, 1996-UP
•150 HP 2.5 DFI, 1999-UP
•150 HP V6 2.5 DFI, 2000-UP
•V6 XR6, 1996-UP
•175 HP V6/V175 XRI EFI, 1992-UP
•175 HP V6/V175 EFI, 1996-UP
•175 V6 2.5L DFI, 2000-UP
•175 HP 4 STROKE
•200 HP V6, 1992-UP
•200 HP V6/V6 EFI, 1996-UP
•200 HP V6 XR1 EFI, 1992-UP
•200 HP V6 DFI, 1996-1999
•200/225 DFI, 1999-UP
•200 HP DFI, 225 HP DFI, 2000-UP
•225 HP 3.0L SEA PRO, 1995-UP
•225 HP V6 DFI, 1998-1999
•225 HP DFI, 1999-UP
•225 HP DFI, 2000-UP
•225/250 HP V6 3.0L EFI, 1995-UP
•250HP 3.0L EFI, 1999-UP
•250 HP EFI

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 lbs