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Magnum and Magnum 2 Ratio 1.85 Counter Rotation

V-4  1978-1998

Outboard Lower Unit - Johnson - Magnum and Magnum 2 Ratio 1.85 Counter Rotation

$USD 1,299.00
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Product Description

Counter Rotation OEM 5007670
This is a Counter Rotation Replacement unit for Johnson and Evinrude Magnum and Magnum 2 lower units.

It is a aftermarket  Counter Rotation replacement for the Mag II
If you are replaceing the original  Counter Rotation you will need to remove the alignment pins from the new Counter Rotation lower unit.
They are only offered in Black.
Does not come with upper drive shaft, shift shaft, water pump or water intake screens.
This Aftermerket Counter Rotation Replaces OE#’5007670

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs