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3.0L 200HP, 225HP, 250HP

Outboard Lower Unit - Mercury - 3.0L 200HP, 225HP, 250HP

$USD 1,099.00

Replace Most Mercury lower unit 3.0L

Splines/Ratio/Motor/Shaft Length:

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Product Description

In the marine industry, Sterndrive Replacement is the specialist for Mercury Outboard Lower Unit 3.0L (Replace Most Mercury lower unit 3.0L), thanks to our expertise to find you the best products at affordable prices. In addition to benefiting from our 3 years warranty, we assure you that all our products are of superior quality; refurbished parts have no place in our inventory.
Sterndrive Replacement is easily accessible, secure and offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices, just waiting for you to discover them. In the U.S.A., we are the standard for Sterndrives.

SE216 Replaces most 13 Splines Mercury Outboard 3.0 L.

If you have an 8 Spline drive shaft, you will need to buy the stub shaft unit
and purchase an upper driveshaft from an OE dealer.

  • 20″ 45-824114A 1
  • 25″ 45-823901A 1
  • 30″ 45-824115A 1

If you have a 13 spline two piece shaft, just purchase the appropriate
one piece shaft from the drop down box above.


Additional information

Weight 55.0000 lbs