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Mercruiser Sterndrive Bravo1 2 3 - Mercruiser Sterndrive Bravo 1 3 Lower - Lower Unit LOWER DUAL WATER PICKUP

$USD 1,199.00

Mercruiser’s Bravo One Lower Unit
Low Water Intake (Pickup)

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Product Description

Sterndrive Replacement has a selection of Bravo 1 Lower SEI-122 (Mercruiser’s Bravo One Lower Unit) that is undoubtedly at the lowest price you can find. Therefore, we are the Number One reference in marine products, since we have the expertise to find you the best quality products at the best prices.

  • Replacement for Mercruiser’s Bravo One lower unit replace 1992 and up with the oil passage.
  • Can be modified so that it will fit 1988 to 1991.
  • This Bravo One lower unit has LOWER DUAL WATER PICKUP.

If replacing a Bravo One serial number OF 729999 and below, it will be necessary to plug the oil hole on the new lower unit. The best way is to tap the hole using a 1/4-20 tap, and install a set screw in sealant. The set screw must be flush or slightly recessed in the hole. It is best to tap the oil passage while the drive is turned upside down to prevent any metal chips from settling inside. If you are not comfortable with tapping the hole, you can use a RTV or silicone product to fill in the hole. Be sure to pressure test the drive after the sealant is cured. If the upper unit does not have a matching hole, then it will need to be plugged.

Additional information

Weight 55.0000 lbs