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Prestolite ESQ4006, ESQ4007-1, ESQ4009S

Tilt Trim Motor - Outboard OMC Evinrude Johnson - Prestolite ESQ4006, ESQ4007-1, ESQ4009S

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Product Description

For :
Tilt Trim
3 wire connection
w/plastic plug
Fits OMC, Johnson/Evinrude outboards with 4.25″ Diameter reservoir base.Includes Reservoir
Used On: Evinrude, Johnson , OMC
1974 Evinrude115 H.P.
1974 Evinrude135 H.P.
1974 EvinrudeV4 Eng.
1975 EvinrudeV4 Eng.
1976 EvinrudeV4 Eng.
1977 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1977 EvinrudeV4 Eng.
1978 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1979 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1980 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1981 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1982 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1983 Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.
1984 Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.
1985 Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.
1986 Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.
1987 Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.
1988 Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.
1974 Johnson 115 H.P.
1974 Johnson 135 H.P.
1974 Johnson V4
1975 Johnson V4
1976 Johnson V4
1977 Johnson 3 CYL.
1977 Johnson V4
1978 Johnson 3 CYL.
1979 Johnson 3 CYL.
1980 Johnson 3 CYL.
1981 Johnson 3 CYL.
1982 Johnson 3 CYL.
1983 Johnson 3 CYL.
1984 Johnson 2 CYL.
1985 Johnson 2 CYL.
1986 Johnson 2 CYL.
1987 Johnson 2 CYL.
1988 Johnson 2 CYL.
1989 Johnson 2 CYL.
1989 Johnson 45 H.P.
1990 Johnson 2 CYL.
1990 Johnson 45 H.P.
1974 OMC V4
1975 OMC V4
1976 OMC V4
1977 OMC V4
Replaces: Outboard Marine Corp (OMC) 172655, 172850, 173596
Prestolite ESQ4006, ESQ4007-1, ESQ4009S
Lester Nos: 10801
J & N: 430-20008
LESTER: 10801
OMC: 172655, 172850, 173596
PRESTOLITE: ESQ4006, ESQ4007-1, ESQ4009S
SIERRA MARINE: 18-6767-1
Unit Type: Prestolite
Voltage: 12
Rotation: Reversible
Field Hsg OD: 71.2mm / 2.803in
Overall Length: 201.1mm / 7.917in
Shaft OD: 7.9mm / 0.311in
Shaft Notes: Tanged Shaft
New or Remanufactured: New
Approximate Weight: 5.72 lbs / 2.60 kg
Includes 6 Foot Long 3-Wire Harness With 3 Blade Plug and Reservoir


WAIYearMakeModelEngineRemarksRemarksRemarksVehicle Type NameVehicle Type Group Name
10801N1974Evinrude115 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1974Evinrude135 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1974EvinrudeV4 Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1975EvinrudeV4 Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1976EvinrudeV4 Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1977Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1977EvinrudeV4 Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1978Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1979Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1980Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1981Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1982Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1983Evinrude3 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1984Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1985Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1986Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1987Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1988Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1989Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1989Evinrude45 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1990Evinrude2 Cyl. Eng.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1990Evinrude45 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1974Johnson115 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1974Johnson135 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1974JohnsonV43-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1975JohnsonV43-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1976JohnsonV43-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1977Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1977JohnsonV43-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1978Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1979Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1980Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1981Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1982Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1983Johnson3 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1984Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1985Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1986Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1987Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1988Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1989Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1989Johnson45 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1990Johnson2 CYL.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1990Johnson45 H.P.3-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1974OMCV43-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1975OMCV43-Wire plastic plugOutboard MotorMarine
10801N1976OMCV43-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine
10801N1977OMCV43-Wire plastic plugEngine - MarineMarine