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Sterndrive replacement has Mercruiser alpha one generation I compatible bearings in stock. Our products include varying ratios including 1.47, 1.62, 1.81 and 1.94. We also carry reversed bearings, driveshaft bearings, pinion bearings and forward gear bearings.

Coming with a free one year warranty, the Mercruiser alpha one generation I bearings will be shipped overnight and delivered within one business week. We’re reliable, professional and offer a very competitive price.

To order a new set of Mercruiser alpha one generation I bearing set, please dial 954-271-7183 or send us an e-mail. We encourage you to leave feedback on our Facebook page as well.

  • Carrier


    $USD 19.00 SEI-93-102-12
  • Driveshaft bearing 31-36387A 1

    Driveshaft bearing 31-36387A 1

    $USD 39.00 SEI-93-102-13
  • Forward Gear

    Forward Gear

    $USD 19.00 SEI-93-102-16
  • Foward Gear

    Foward Gear

    $USD 108.00 SEI-93-102-15
  • Pinion


    $USD 29.00 SEI-93-102-14
  • Reverse Bearing 31-88957T

    Reverse Bearing 31-88957T

    $USD 29.00 SEI-93-102-11
  • Roller


    $USD 19.00 SEI-93-102-01
  • Roller (1.62, 1.81, 1.94)

    Roller (1.62, 1.81, 1.94)

    $USD 29.00 SEI-93-102-04
  • Roller 1.47

    Roller 1.47

    $USD 39.00 SEI-93-102-03
  • Roller Kit

    Roller Kit

    $USD 125.75 SEI-93-102-06K