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Sterndrive replacement has Mercruiser alpha one generation II compatible bearings in stock. Our products include varying ratios including from 1.47 to 1.94. We also carry reversed bearings, driveshaft bearings, pinion bearings and forward gear bearings.

Coming with a free one year warranty, your Mercruiser alpha one generation II bearings will be shipped overnight and delivered within one business week. We’re reliable, professional and offer a very competitive price.

To order a new set of Mercruiser alpha one generation II bearings, please dial 954-271-7183. Alternatively, you can drop us a line by e-mail. We highly encourage you to leave feedback about your most recent purchase on our Facebook page.

  • Carrier


    $USD 19.00 SEI-11-93-102-12
  • Driveshaft Bearing

    Driveshaft Bearing

    $USD 39.00 SEI-II-93-102-13
  • Forward Gear

    Forward Gear

    $USD 19.00 SEI-II-93-102-16
  • Foward Gear

    Foward Gear

    $USD 108.00 SEI-II-93-102-15
  • Pinion


    $USD 29.00 SEI-II-93-102-14
  • Reverse


    $USD 29.00 SEI-II-93-102-11
  • Roller


    $USD 19.00 SEI-II-93-102-01
  • Roller (1.62, 1.81, 1.94)

    Roller (1.62, 1.81, 1.94)

    $USD 29.00 SEI-II-93-102-04
  • Roller 1.47

    Roller 1.47

    $USD 39.00 SEI-II-93-102-03
  • Roller Kit

    Roller Kit

    $USD 125.75 SEI-11-93-102-06K