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Hydraulics - Inboard Trim Motor - OMC249

$USD 249.00

O.M.C. Stermdrive Tilt/Trim Motor O.E.M. 1979-1985 2.5L, 3.0L

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Product Description

Our inventory includes a stock of Arco-6211 hydraulic inboard trim motors compatible with Chrysler/OMC Tilt and Trim motors for Chrysler/OMC models 979768, 979937, 981638, 982069, 982073, 983318 for less than the street-value on the inboard trim motor aftermarket while still maintaining the same high-quality standards you’d expect from Chrysler/OMC aftermarket parts.

Continuously striving to innovate and improve, we do not sell rebuilt Chrysler/OMC parts despite our low prices. The Arco-6211 also includes a 3 wires connection and Ring Terminal Ends. Sterndrive Replacement has left its mark in the e-business world with at least a complementary 1 year coverage warranty. With our overnight shipment schedule and one week delivery time, we proudly are your partner for your boating season.

To order a new OMC Trim Motor, please give us a call at 954-271-7183 or send us an e-mail. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page if you’d like to leave feedback on your purchase!

FITS: O.M.C. sterndrive 1979-1985 2.5L, 3.0L
3-wire connection
Ring Terminal Ends
Replaces: O.M.C. 979768, 979937, 981638, 982069, 982073, 983318

Additional information

Weight 5.0000 lbs