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Upper & Lower 1.62 Ratio

Alpha One Generation 1 - Complete SEI-106 - Upper & Lower 1.62 Ratio

$USD 1,759.00

Sterndrive alpha one generation 1,1.62 ratio.This upper & lower unit is offered in standard &
counter rotation, Oldstyle standard & counter rotation


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Product Description

We have upper & lower unit SEI-106 (1.62 ratio Outdrive Mercruiser alpha one generation 1) at the least expensive prices ever found in the country. But make no mistake! These are aftermarket products, not rebuilt parts! Brand new, shipped in 2 boxes.

With your purchase, you automatically receive a 3 years warranty.

This unit is a replacement for (Mercruiser’s R/MR/Alpha One I/O )

  • Alpha one generation 1, 205 HP from 1983-1990.
  • R/MR/alpha one 1983-1990.
  • Alpha one generation 1 engine liter applications from 1983-1990 include 5.0L (2 barrel carb).
  • Generation 1 engine cubic inch applications from 1983-1990 include 305 (2 barrel carb).
  • Alpha one generation 1 engine horsepower applications include 205 HP.
  • Replaces from 120-260 HP 1967-1990.
  • You must have trim and tilt to be able to use our replacement drive.
  • To know if you have a counter rotation unit on your twin engine boat, take a look at the propellers. If your propellers are identical, they are both standard rotation. If the propeller blades are opposite, then the port side should be counter rotation.
  • If your unit has a short yoke on the upper driveshaft, it is a considered “Old Style”. Old Style is on all inline 4-cylinders and inline 6-cylinders, up to and including 1982
  • You must have trim and tilt for replacement to work. If it has two trim hoses going to each cylinders it has trim and tilt.
  • Unit has an eyelet on top cover; replacement cover utilizes the new style flat top.
  • Unit has a round cavitation plate on lower unit replacement unit utilizes the newer style shift.
  • To get gear ratio, it is best to remove the top cover and count the teeth on the upper gears.

With a 9-9/16 new style input yoke.
Install Kit or Anode Kit not include.

Warranty is not covered over 300 HP.

Additional information

Weight 110.0000 lbs