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1.94 Ratio Upper

Alpha One Generation 2 - Upper Unit SEI-116 - 1.94 Ratio Upper

$USD 999.00

Complete, 1.94 Mercruiser sterndrive alpha one generation II upper


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Product Description

Sterndrive Replacement has some Upper SEI-116 (Complete, 1.94 Mercruiser sterndrive alpha one generation 2 upper unit) at the best overall price on the U.S. market. Although our prices are the cheapest you will find, know that our products are not rebuilt; they are aftermarket quality parts.
With any Upper and Lower purchase, Sterndrive Replacement lets you benefit from our 3 years warranty providing you with 3 years of full coverage. Only at Sterndrive Replacement.

Replaces 1.94 Mercruiser sterndrive alpha one generation 2 (1991- To present)

Comes with a 9-9/16 new style input yoke.
Install Kit or Anode Kit not included.

NO warranty over 300 HP

Starting around 1996, Mercruiser started using a 2.00 ratio drive on the 3.0L engines. While this is very close to 1.94 and 1.98 used in prior years, it is important to note that you cannot “mix and match” the upper and lower between the different ratios. They also had a 2.40 ratio available for high altitude locations. It is important to verify the ratio that you currently have when replacing a protion of the drive. Do this in a couple of easy ways: The easiest method, if the drive is original, is to look on the port side of the upper drive where the decal is. Sometimes, the ratio will be stamped there. You can also count the teeth on the upper gears. If there is reason to believe that the boat was set up for high altitudes, it is the best to check both the upper and lower gear teeth count.

Additional information

Weight 55.0000 lbs